Introduction to Coding

Get a head start on your Hermit Academic career this summer! Interact with your new Hermit Brothers and faculty in an online environment learning computer coding!

At St. Augustine Prep, we strive to provide every student with different opportunities and ways to engage with the learning process. Not every opportunity can be fit into the regular school year, and some opportunities fit better into an online environment. Computer coding is one such skill and we are excited to offer this opportunity to our students for the Summer Session! This is an excellent way for students to get their first taste of academics at St. Augustine Prep while also virtually interacting with some of their new Hermit Brothers and faculty.

Computer programming is a skill that is relevant for every student and is one of the things that allows the Prep Graduate to be a critical thinker and a well-rounded individual. Beyond the obvious skills in learning how to write programs, computer programming teaches skills in logic, problem-solving, questioning, modeling, mathematics, and communication. Through the use of Pyret, students are guided through a course in introductory computer science, logic, decisions, and functions. Students are introduced to the structure of a computer program and how to use various inputs to construct computational models.

This course is useful for any student at the Prep, but especially those interested in STEM career paths. Ninth-grade students taking Honors Physics First will be using Pyret as a part of the curriculum, and this course will allow students to gain early experience with the programming environment. Completion of this course opens students up to the possibility of expanding beyond our traditional Computer Science offerings at St. Augustine Prep during the 4 years at the school.

The format of the course is primarily asynchronous with interactions taking place via group discussions and weekly “Help Labs” where students can directly interact with each other and with the instructor to get direct questions answered and problems solved.

For more information on our Summer Offerings please visit page 80 of the online course catalog below!