2024 Summer Launch – AP Students

For students enrolled in AP level classes for 2024-2025, summer assignments were already communicated to you by each teacher. As you know, this work is not optional – please budget your time over the summer so that you start the year strong in these rigorous classes. Links to each AP Class Assignment are available below.

AP Summer Assignments

Please note: The following AP classes DO NOT have summer assignments:

- AP Computer Science Principles
- AP European History
- AP Government
- AP World History
AP CourseDocument
AP 2D Art & DesignDownload
AP BiologyDownload
AP Calculus ABDownload
AP Calculus BCDownload
AP Computer Science AdvancedDownload
AP English IVDownload
AP English Language and Composition
AP Physics CDownload
AP PsychologyDownload
AP SpanishDownload
AP StatisticsAP Stat - Introductory Letter
AP Stat - Chapter 1
AP Stat - Glossary
AP US HistoryDownload