2024 Summer Launch – Senior (2025)

School-wide Interdisciplinary Summer Reading Initiative – Class of 2025

Seniors, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Interdisciplinary Summer Reading Initiative, designed to inspire and engage our students through the magic of cross curricular connections.  This approach helps students see the bigger picture and understand how different disciplines intersect and complement each other.  At each grade level,  a reading guide is provided that encourages students to explore the connections between different subjects.  In addition to reading, students will work on a creative project related to their book. These projects will allow students to express their understanding of these interdisciplinary connections in unique and imaginative ways.  Finally, on the first day of school, students will extemporaneously respond to a writing prompt crafted to demonstrate their understanding of the interdisciplinary connections. Let’s make this summer a season of discovery, creativity, and connections!

Your teachers have worked hard to select these awesome books and craft these assignments for you!

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Class of 2025 Summer Assignment

Project HAIL MARY: Andy Weir

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