A Hermit’s time at the Prep instills a foundation of Augustinian Values he can apply to his post-Richland life.  After a student’s four years as a student are complete, he becomes part of the school’s vast and passionate network of alumni.  As an alumnus of St. Augustine Prep, graduates maintain and strengthen the relationships they have built and seek to guide those younger Hermits who have followed their path through Richland.  Alumni are asked to utilize this page, and the growing network of Hermits Alumni, to stay connected to their Augustinian Values and to help make a lasting impact on current and future Hermit Brothers.

Over 60 years of Hermit Brotherhood in one photo – sharing a moment are members of the Class of 1964 at a Hermits Alumni (Florida Chapter) event hosted by Joe Imbesi ’64 (center). Also pictured in the header of this page is the Class of 1964, the Prep’s most foundational graduating class that has set the example for all Hermits who have followed them.

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The Brotherhood is the Prep’s official alumni newsletter filled with the latest stories, accomplishments and happenings involving the school’s proud Hermits Alumni. It’s a great way to remain connected to the Hermit Brotherhood and the school.

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Alumni Brotherhood Blog

Alumni Blog

Caselli ’21 selected to represent Villanova at Big East Research Symposium

Posted April 27th, 2024

Jake Caselli ’21 is no stranger to academic accolades. As a senior at St. Augustine, he was selected as a National Merit Scholarship winner amongst approximately 1.6 million deserving students who also entered the competitive program in hopes of...

Alumni Blog

Eaise ’18: The Journey of a Scholar-Athlete to Medical Trailblazer

Posted March 20th, 2024

Kevin Eaise ’18 learned he had a brain tumor as a child. Now he works with his surgeon. Kevin Eaise went on to play college baseball before getting a job at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as a clinical research...

Alumni Blog

Germano ’05 addresses Constitutional Law students

Posted February 28th, 2024

The Hermit Brotherhood and Director of Alumni Leadership, Coach Paul Rodio, were thrilled to welcome home, Jimmy Germano ’05, Principal and Asst. General Counsel at HKS Architects. The 2005 graduate joined Mr. Atmore’s Constitutional Law class as part of...

Faces Change, Tradition Remains

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