Run for the Roses

St. Augustine Prep’s marquee fundraising event is right around the corner!

The 2018 Run for the Roses is set for Saturday, May 5th at St. Augustine Prep’s Buondonno Forum.  The evening is always full of fun and entertainment but most importantly, proceeds from the event will have an everlasting impact on the future of the school.  Tickets for this special night are available through the form below.  In addition, tickets for the Super 50-50 Raffle to be held on the same evening are also available for purchase.

Mark your calendars for May 5, 2018!  If you have questions, require additional information, or are interested in supporting, participating, or attending, please reach out directly to Maria Enos at 856-697-2600 ext.190 or email her at



Run for the Roses Super 50/50.

Grand prize of $20,000 with 700 tickets sold.

Raffle tickets are available through the online form at the top of the page or in-person at the Main Office of the Forum, the Prep Shop or from the Advancement Office located in the Vincent.

Raffle ticket stubs purchased online will be available for pick-up on the evening of the event.