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Hermits Alumni Q&A – Jimmy Brady ’16

Posted September 22nd, 2022

On this HermitFest Eve, we spotlight one of our proud Hermits Alumni who has some distinct memories of the annual fall bash in Richland. Jimmy Brady ’16 is today’s guest and he shares his most memorable experiences at St. Augustine, provides advice for current students, and reveals the lessons learned during his time at the Prep.

The 2016 St. Augustine graduate was a decorated scholar-athlete for the Hermits Football and Wrestling programs.  On the gridiron, amongst a laundry list of postseason accolades, he was named Defensive Player of the Year by multiple regional newspapers following a great career that culminated with a 9-1 senior season where he amassed 116 tackles, including 22 for a loss, and eight sacks for the Cape-Atlantic League American Conference champion Hermits.  On the mats, he also earned Wrestler of the Year honors and he sits amongst some lofty company as another Hermit grappler with 100 career wins. Jimmy won district and regional titles in consecutive seasons (junior and senior year) and took third in his senior wrestling season at the state finals in the 220-pound weight class with a memorable 5-4 win over St. Joseph-Montvale’s Michael Carfagno in the final second.  Most impressively, the 2016 Daily Journal Male Athlete of the Year was able to accomplish all of this while maintaining a 3.85 GPA throughout his academic career.

A graduate of Rider University where he also wrestled collegiately (Brady also spent two years at Rutgers where he was a member of the football team.), Jimmy took time out of his busy schedule as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones to share some unique insight on his time in Richland. He looks back upon his senior season on the field and on the wrestling mats and shares the appreciation he has for the academic and student life experiences molding his character, building lifelong friendships, and instilling values of servant leadership.

Running into this scene was an intimidating proposition for every opponent the Hermits faced with Jimmy Brady on the mat.

Q: HermitFest is tomorrow but we’ll save the best for last so let’s start with your current life as a professional in the finance industry as well as life as a Hermits Alumnus.  What does the term ‘Hermit Brotherhood’ mean to you and how does it continue to impact your life?

The Hermit Brotherhood is very, very, very real. No matter what year you graduated from St. Augustine, no matter if you played sports, or if you were on the quieter side, or into the countless co-curricular activities at the school, it doesn’t matter, if you call me and you need help, I will be there in a flash. That’s just the culture instilled in me as a Hermit and a sentiment that I know every Prep grad shares.  Just recently, I had a Hermit Brother call and ask me questions regarding the test and the steps I took to become a financial advisor. I helped him prepare for the first three tests and he is on his way to passing the fourth and final exam. He was in my class of 2016 but I hadn’t talked to him in 6 years; yet, we picked up as if we were right back in the dining hall talking shop at the Prep.  The point of the story is just to solidify that again, the Brotherhood is real and there’s nothing that can break that bond when a Hermit Brother is in need!

Q: Looking back to your freshman year through the present day, how did your experience at St. Augustine transform you into the person you are today?

St. Augustine has had a tremendous impact on me throughout my life. The teachers and staff motivated me to be a better student but, in the process, helped mold me into the man I am today. It’s tough to pinpoint any one moment that transformed me throughout my time at St Augustine because the structure allows boys to develop into men to serve the community. From taking advantage of opportunities to volunteer to learning how to effectively manage our free time throughout the day, I now fully recognize and appreciate how every single detail at the Prep was designed to build character, develop proper habits for the future and help me realize that life has a greater purpose than its face value.  The mantra of exiting as “men to serve” is something that is truly lived.

Q: What advice would you give to current students to help them make the most of their time at St. Augustine?

Make the most of every single moment you have at St Augustine. I met my best friends for life during my experience at the Prep. From a life management standpoint, these are the easiest times but also the most formative so again, cherish every moment. I would do anything to go back and experience one more match, one more football game with my boys, and take one more chemistry class with Mrs. McHugh. You never know what life has in front of you and when it may be your last time doing something so make the most of it!  Leave everything you have on the field, in the classroom, and most importantly, find time to enjoy every moment with your Hermit Brothers.

Q: You were an all-state football player and wrestler but as seniors, you and your classmates led one of the most boisterous and charismatic versions of the Richland Rowdies. What is your favorite memory of the Richland Rowdies?

It’s September 11, 2015, and we are playing St. Joe’s Hammonton in football in our special red, white, and blue jerseys to remember those that we lost on September 11, 2001. (View the video of this memorable HermitFest below) The game was a blur; however, I know we played well and won by a lopsided score. That’s not what stands out for me though; it was celebrating with the Richland Rowdies, the best fan section in NJ. I remember when the clock hit zero the whole football team ran over to the fan section and jumped up and just were engulfed in love and passion from our classmates. For me, it felt as if my classmates were battling on the field next to us because their presence throughout that game was a huge motivating factor for us. No student section is a bigger x-factor than the Rowdies.


Q: Okay, let’s finally get to what current Hermits have been waiting for in this Q&A.  What immediately comes to mind when you think about HermitFest? Do you have any words of wisdom for the Richland Rowdies and your Hermits Football brothers as they head into HermitFest and tomorrow’s game?

HermitFest is craziness. The Richland Rowdies are loud, they are proud, and the energy they bring is second to none. One pearl of wisdom I would give to the Rowdies is to bring all of the energy they’ve got because the boys are going to feed off of it tomorrow. I’m familiar with players and coaches from both schools so I know tomorrow’s game is circled on the calendar by both sides and that Holy Spirit is going to come to play. That only means the Rowdies have to be a factor like they always are!

For the guys preparing to play in the game tomorrow, what I want them to do is look at their Hermit Brother to their right and to their left in the locker room. Then I want them to count how many games they have left on the schedule, especially the seniors as this could be it if they’re not playing at the next level. If you knew you only had a handful of games left in your career, wouldn’t you give every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears you had? I know I used to give everything I had on those Friday nights in Richland, but if I knew I would have never played in another football game again, I can tell you that I did everything humanly possible to win those games. So go play alongside your Brothers like you only have a couple of games left because once these moments are gone, you don’t want to wonder if you could’ve given more. Hermits, go kick some butt and I’ll be cheering loud and proud!

Jimmy Brady is as passionate a Hermit as it comes.  His achievements, diligence, and perseverance in applying his time at the Prep to success in college and now the finance world are a strong example of life as a Hermit Brother entering a new chapter as an alumnus. The school is blessed to have many alumni who continue to represent the Prep with the same pride and vigor they held as students. Jimmy is part of a list of distinguished Hermits Alumni who have earned distinctions in finance, education, athletics, medicine, business, and a variety of other industries. Do you know a young man who is ready to become a “Man of Character” and follow in Jimmy’s footsteps by attending the premier all-boys high school in New Jersey? Help us share the St. Augustine Experience by encouraging prospective students and families to learn more about the admissions process by visiting or contacting today!


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