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Jonathan Borgese Memorial Scholarship Announced

Posted May 24th, 2015

On Wednesday, May 13th,  at the Parent/Guardian Reception for the Class of 2015, Fr. Reilly and Mr. Dennis Foreman shared incredible news. Mr. and Mrs. Beecroft and son Richard ’15 made a gift of $100,000 to establish the Jonathan Borgese Memorial Scholarship in loving memory of their son and brother Jonathan Borgese ’03.

Jonathan loved the Prep, both as a student and young alumnus, as he spoke with genuine enthusiasm about his high school experience. He was a member of an elite anti-terrorism unit of the United States Coast Guard before a tragic automobile accident took his life on September 21st, 2007.

To celebrate his life and actively honor Jonathan’s memory, the Beecroft Family sponsored and organized a golf tournament with a goal of raising funds for students at St. Augustine Prep. His mother, Christina Beecroft said, “Jonathan loved everything about St. Augustine Prep; the establishment of a scholarship in his name to help fellow Hermit Brothers is exactly what he would have wanted.” Jonathan’s brother, Richie ’15, will be involved in the selection process of scholarship recipients. Fr. Reilly remarked, “It will be a privilege to work with Richie as the school identifies students to receive a scholarship in his older brother’s name. I enjoyed Richard in class his senior year; his work as an alumnus and steward of the school will help change the lives of other Prep families.”