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Word on Fire Catholic Ministries Founder Delivers Annual Veritas Address

Posted May 2nd, 2015

We were honored to have Fr. Robert Barron, the founder of Word On Fire Catholic Ministries and host of the award-winning series “Catholicism,” deliver our annual Veritas address on Tuesday, April 28th.

His presentation helped the St. Augustine Prep Community wrap-up our year-long theme of “Evangelization: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” as he spoke about the “Tomorrow” of the New Evangelization and how members of the Hermit Brotherhood can help spread the Good News in the 21st Century.

Before his lecture, Fr. Barron toured campus with members of the Knights of St. Augustine. After the successful lecture, he joined members of student government, the Augustinians, and Mrs. Rose Davis for lunch. He also met with two of Mr. Towell’s junior Theology Classes to talk with them about their recent “Spiritual Heft” assignments, where each student researched a different Catholic with great spiritual significance, and fielded theological and vocational questions from the students.

Watch Fr. Barron’s speech on our YouTube channel here.