4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a High School

When parents of middle schoolers begin researching potential schools for their sons, they usually have a checklist of questions to ask before narrowing down their list of preferred schools. One quality that most parents emphasize is academic rigor, but what does that really mean? Rigorous learning can be defined as helping students develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and aptitudes to be successful in the increasingly complex world in which they’ll live and work.  In more basic terms, academic rigor generally means that students are expected to work hard and learn a great deal. However, what should parents really look for in a school’s curriculum to ensure their son will find this kind of challenge? Here are four things to ask before sending your son to high school. What Role Does Faculty Play? Prospective parents should pay careful attention to the real difference-makers at St. Augustine Prep — the faculty and staff who implement the curriculum. Using research-based teaching strategies and with an eye for innovative and experiential practices in teaching, these seasoned educators will help your son move forward in every facet of their personal and professional life. They are the embodiment of the school’s mission statement, “Setting hearts on … Continue reading 4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a High School