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6 Benefits of Choosing a Boys’ School

Posted April 12th, 2018

For better or worse, he will change.  

Your son’s high school years are quickly approaching. He’s going to decide what kind of man to be, and there’s no doubt that education will profoundly shape his long-term success — not just in college, but in life. Regardless of his educational background—whether public, private, or homeschool—you want to give him the best possible high school experience. What might it mean to pick a school that specializes in the challenges of entering manhood? Here are six advantages your son gains when you choose an all-boys education:




  1. A Customized Setting

He’ll spend most of his time at school, so it only makes sense that your son’s day-to-day life be built to support his growth. A schedule with breaks to help him stay fueled and focused. No more than two classes back-to-back. Space between buildings, so he can stretch his legs and socialize. These factors may seem small, but a boys’ school knows better – daily details make all the difference.


  1. Room to Grow

Self-discovery is an exciting part of high school, and your son should have spaces that encourage exploration and growth. That’s where quality extracurriculars come in. A boys’ school anticipates sports and fine arts as places to cultivate character traits for manhood, like independence and work ethic.


  1. Safe Space for Competition

It’s proven that young men thrive on competition, which is a natural part of belonging to an all-boys talent pool. Of course, you want that competition to take place in a healthy environment—a school that encourages your son in adversity, but also won’t apologize for excellence.


  1. Mentor Relationships

One of the most impactful, long-lasting parts of education is mentorship. Young men enrolled in an all-boys’ school are guided by accessible and approachable faculty members. These teachers have been selected for their desire to see students succeed in and out of the classroom. Their passion is particular, and it shows.


  1. Brotherhood

Friendship lasts longer than high school. Graduates of an all-boys school enter a tight network of quality alumni. Many unique educational opportunities and experiences around the globe are made possible by a school that values enduring qualities like service and brotherhood.


  1. Long-Term Focus Informed by Faith

Not all boys’ schools are faith-driven, but when a school is based on Christian values, your son is seen differently: His long-term success isn’t just about being a student, or an employee, or a future alumni. He’s a growing husband, a father, and a leader. He’s becoming the man you’d hoped he’d be.  


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