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Course in Constitutional Law Excites Students

Posted October 29th, 2020


all boys private schoolOffered as an elective, Constitutional Law is one of many courses in the wide ranging curriculum here at St. Augustine Prep.  Constitutional Law deals with both the interpretation and implementation of the United States Constitution. Given that the Constitution is the foundational document of our form of government, this class provides students with a general understanding of the major issues in constitutional law, including the separation of powers, federalism and state rights, interstate commerce, due process, equal protection, the rights of a criminal defendant, and various areas of discrimination law. The highlights of this course are lectures from and simulations with practicing judges and attorneys. It may be surprising that Con Law, as it is called by fellow Hermits, is one of the most popular courses among the students. The presentation of course material is all discussion-based.  There are no traditional assessments.  Student’s grades are rooted in participation in class discussions and projects. That formula makes this a student favorite, and something to look forward to on their busy schedules each day.  Adding to the unique nature of the course, guest faculty members and proud Hermit parents, Christopher Tinari, Esq. P’22 and Scott Lisgar, Esq. P’19’22 bring years of professional experience into the classroom. 


Stephan Cappuccio ’96 , Dean of Academics, designed this course to be something different. “Students will engage with lawyers, judges, politicians, educators, lobbyists, activists, and members of law enforcement.  We are exposing our students to listen to various viewpoints and practice civil discourse.” explains Cappuccio. 


constitutional lawGuest faculty member Christopher Tinari P’22 summarizes, “The class was developed because a large portion of our citizenry, especially young students, have not been trained in the basics of how our government is supposed to work under the United States Constitution. The Constitution is the “manual” for our government. The times in which we live make it imperative that young students learn how our government is supposed to function under the Federal Constitution. This class was established to provoke debate and encourage students to engage in a free exercise and exchange of ideas through public speaking.”


The relevance in our world today is what helps the students see the real life practicals according to guest faculty member, Scott Lisgar, Esq. P’19’22 “The students are invited to not just learn the underpinnings of our system of law and government but also immersed in real life practicals and hands-on observation.  The course is taught with a heavy dose of student participation, discussion on prevailing relevant topics with a deep dive into the history of our law and government.”  


“Student involvement in the class makes this fun, and less stressful.” junior Con Law student Tyler Ward ’22 mentioned. The actual argument of a case in class “helps us respect all sides of an issue” Ward added.

constitutional law

New student and senior transfer, Sam Gruber ’21 surmised “The ability to have discussion and civil discourse with people who have different viewpoints” is a highlight of the course.  “We have respectful but also argumentative discussions.” says Gruber. Sam hopes to take the skills learned from this year for “reviewing a case and learning the moral arguments, the facts, and the word of the law with the hope to present a case” in his own law school aspirations. 

Constitutional Law as well as many other courses that make up the academic curriculum at St. Augustine Prep provides students with the skills necessary to become men ready to serve the community. 


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