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Freshman Foundations: The Building Blocks of Success

Posted October 27th, 2020

A young man’s high school years serve as the most transformative phase of his life.  Freshmen arrive at St. Augustine eager to face this challenge of passing through adolescence to adulthood, preparing themselves for the post-high school world of higher education, job and career commitment, and social maturity. Freshman Foundations is a course offered at St. Augustine that is designed to prepare students for success in the intellectual, social, and physical domains of adulthood.

Rooted in the development of reading comprehension as well as writing and public speaking skills, the ultimate goal is to begin the development of the “Christian Gentleman.”  This is accomplished by fitting students with the skills necessary to meet the academic demands of the Prep and fostering the development of identity through the core Augustinian values of Veritas (Truth), Unitas (Unity), and Caritas (Love).  These foundational elements further strengthen the building blocks by which their Augustinian education will be based upon throughout their academic career at St. Augustine.  

Freshmen begin the process of self-direction by developing a familiarity with campus resources, establishing short and long-term goals, and honing problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  To assist in managing the challenges students will face over their next three years at St. Augustine, they are introduced to time management methods, learning styles and preferences, academic strategies for building study skills, and enhanced reading comprehension techniques.  As explained by Mr. Michael Boody, a Freshman Foundations teacher and 11-year St. Augustine Prep faculty member, “Freshmen are able to establish a firm foundation of prerequisite skills to succeed at the Prep but most importantly in life.  The class helps students to develop confidence throughout the school year and begins the sharpening of leadership skills they will continue to hone and implement throughout the next three years and beyond.” 

Mr. Boody teaches his Freshman Foundations class at St. Augustine

Mr. Boody greets the Class of 2024 during a recent Freshman Foundations class period

This dynamic course accomplishes what its title states, it solidifies a foundation of success for every Hermit that walks the hallowed halls of St. Augustine Prep.  In the process, the lesson plan of the course manages to blend academic and social guidance with an integrated sense of identity, responsibility, and accountability.  This “Freshman Foundation” prepares first-year Hermits to develop into great students at the Prep and eventually into great men eager to serve their communities.


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