Mission Over Maintenance

St. Augustine Preparatory School specializes in educating young men and now offers the opportunity for them to begin their journey in this lifelong brotherhood as eighth graders. Special submission to the St. Augustine Blog by Liz Hunter (Suburban Family Magazine) One of the most common pieces of feedback that Fr. Robert Murray, O.S.A., Head of School at St. Augustine Prep, hears from parents is how they wish their son could have attended a middle school at the Prep. So, about eight years ago the school started discussing the possibility of a middle school and conducted feasibility studies. Although it decided an entire middle school was not something it wanted to undertake, there was enough support for an eighth grade. St. Augustine’s inaugural eighth-grade class entered for the 2021-22 school year. Brendan Towell, Director of Engagement, says they received more interest than expected. He takes this as a clear indication that something special is happening on campus. “In a difficult era where many Catholic schools are consolidating or closing, we’re expanding with a new grade level and construction of new buildings, and that’s a credit to our faculty, staff, and coaches who live our mission and aren’t satisfied with the status … Continue reading Mission Over Maintenance