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Senior Seminar: PREParation for Life after Richland

Posted November 3rd, 2020

The following article was written by John Kolesar ’21.  Jack, as he is known to his Hermit Brothers, is a four-year rugby player who has career aspirations in the world of media & marketing.  Like many of his classmates, he is juggling life in 2020, working hard in the classroom, and keeping in shape for the fall and spring rugby seasons.  Most importantly, with the help of the Senior Seminar course at the Prep, he is navigating his way towards making the biggest decision of his young life – college.


As a senior managing his last year at the Prep (especially during the pandemic), the new Senior Seminar course offered for the 2020-21 school year has been a blessing. This class, taken solely by seniors, puts the word PREP in St. Augustine Prep. According to College Guidance Counselor, Ms. Gabriella D’Amico, “There are two parts to the senior seminar class.  The first semester focuses on students working on their college applications and essays, and working directly with their college counselor in preparation for their college applications.” Once seniors are accepted into colleges and start to make their final decisions, Ms. D’Amico explains that the focus of the class shifts, she went on to add “the second half of Senior Seminar helps to prepare seniors for college through lessons on financial literacy skills, social and emotional learning, and goal-setting skills.” 

Senior works with college guidance counselor at St. Augustine

College Guidance Counselor, Ms. Adamucci works with a senior during Senior Seminar.

st. augustine prep hermits rugby

John (Jack) Kolesar ’21 poses for his senior rugby portrait during media day.

This course has helped me in my personal college selection experience, for starters it has allowed me the time to properly set up my Common App profile, a foundational aspect of the college applications process.  Moving forward, I explored my college options and have been able to use the class time to ask my college guidance counselor many of the questions that have come up throughout the semester. In addition, knowing there is a class period dedicated to our college aspirations has also been useful in working on the essays required by each institution and also given us ample time to ensure our submissions are well-written. Currently, I am using the period to submit my college applications, contact prospective athletics programs as I intend to play rugby at the next level, and most importantly, to research my potential choice as a major. Again, having a designated class period with the opportunity to receive invaluable knowledge and guidance from my college counselor has made the class an essential part of the college selection process for me and my Hermit Brothers. 

Senior Seminar has helped me prepare for the next step in my academic career; however, the class period has also helped me gain additional skills that will help me in the future, even post-college.  Working with Ms. D’Amico and our College Guidance Department has proven the importance of time management, professionalism through all forms of communication, and general responsibility in approaching a singular decision we know will shape the rest of our lives.


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