Taking STEM and Humanities to New Heights

              Nancy McHugh P’08 ’11 ’15 and Caroline Chapman P’15 ‘ 18 have been appointed as STEM Division Head and Humanities Division Head respectively. Both will continue to teach within their own departments, as well as enhancing their programs through collaborative leadership. With these appointments, these outstanding faculty members are renewing their commitment to the school’s mission. Nancy McHugh P’08 ’11 ’15 – STEM Division Head “Working closely with the STEM faculty (science, math, computer science, and business), my goal is to design curriculum (and its subsequent lesson planning) that reaches our students’ diversity of learning styles and taps into their creativity by focusing on more real world and more co-curricular connections to course content and emphasizing student skill development.”     Prior to motherhood, the proud alumni mother of Brendan ’08, Dillon ’11 and Colin ’15 worked at the Rohm and Haas Company in research and development as a Senior Research Scientist and, later, as a Corporate New Ventures Specialist. Along with a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.B.A. in Finance, Nancy brings great passion and commitment to this new role. Teaching nearly every class in the science curriculum and more, she has … Continue reading Taking STEM and Humanities to New Heights