Campus Ministry

Christian Gentleman Award

The Prep’s most prestigious award, The Christian Gentleman Award is presented to senior students who have been selected by the faculty, staff, and fellow members of their class. The young men chosen for this honor embody the mission of St. Augustine Prep, as well as the virtues St. Augustine believed were instilled in all: Unity, Truth, and Love.

Previous Award Winners


Justin Crawford

Francesco Pinque

Anthony Neri

Nicholas Simila

Nicholas Amechi

Declan Barrett

Alexander Blackley

Matthew Innocenzo

Thomas Reed

David Wolfenden

Gregory Battschinger

John Paul Kolnik

Joseph Quinlan

Michael Toner

Zachary Seither

Matthew Hutchinson

Kyle Brandt

Nick Enos

Ryan Manske

Dan Capone

Chris Federici

Andrew Moffa

Lee Wetty

Joseph Bottino

Anthony Cocuzza

Michael Egnor

Christian Gill

Gary Haes

Brian Honick

Joseph Pantelone

Jake Smejkal