End-of-Year Big Brothers Party Celebrates Program's 14th Year

End-of-Year Big Brothers Party Celebrates Program’s 14th Year

In what has become a highly anticipated day for both “bigs” and “littles,” the “little brothers” from Folsom Elementary School joined their “Big Brothers” from St. Augustine Prep for their annual end-of-year party.

Each school year, a select group of juniors and seniors who have joined the Big Brother/Big Sister organization, visit Folsom Elementary to spend time with their little brothers on a weekly basis.  St. Augustine Prep, proudly holding the largest Big Brothers program in Atlantic County, has been a proud participant since 2002.  The heart-warming experience is part of the National Big Brother/Big Sister Organization that involves high school juniors and seniors who carry an 85 average or above.  Participation has become a tradition at St. Augustine, as 2017 marked the fourteenth year of participation by the Prep.  Furthermore, the program has made a lasting impact on both the elementary school students and the Christian Gentlemen from the Prep – it has become common place for Prep Alumni to continue their guidance of their younger counterparts and maintain their participation in the program well into their college years.

After a year’s worth of visits involving board games, sports, reading, doing homework or just chatting each week – the end-of-year party allows the opportunity for the students to provide their little brothers with gifts.  Although the “Big Brothers” thoroughly enjoyed the reaction their gifts received, the best gift of all was the opportunity to make a difference in each of the children’s lives.   After exchanging a second goodbye with his little, who soon after came running out of the school bus for a third, junior Jack Billings commented: The program opened my eyes to the impact that even the smallest action could have on a person.  I was honored to have an opportunity to be with these kids and have an impact on their lives – I would do it all again in a heartbeat.”