Environmental Club Ignites Change Through Crayon Initiative

Environmental Club Ignites Change Through Crayon Initiative

What’s old is new again.

Start digging through those old shoeboxes as what may have been an afterthought from the age of eight is now a hot commodity at St. Augustine.  Through the efforts of the Environmental Club, the Prep is in the midst of a heated race of who can collect the most used crayons!

Each year, a group led by Prep educator Mrs. Nancy McHugh works to produce a 3-D project solely created from recycled waste.  Mrs. McHugh’s room is littered with striking and inventive projects that many artists could not match using brand new materials.  This year, however, the club has upped the ante and by adding the Crayon Initiative as part of their efforts.

As per the Crayon Initiative’s website: “With crayons in hand, stories can unfold, dreams can take shape, and imaginations can run wild…Crayons are only the beginning for The Crayon Initiative. As we grow, we hope to expand beyond wax sticks and provide opportunities in other areas of the arts for children.”

The unique initiative takes pride in collecting used crayons that were thought to be past their prime.  Upon collection, the sticks of wax are melted and re-born as old, brand new crayons.  The batches are then boxed and donated in an effort to bring the joy of the arts to children everywhere.  The Environmental Heroes from St. Augustine now ask YOU to assist each class year currently at St. Augustine, or the esteemed faculty, in collecting the most used crayons!  Watch the video below to learn more about the initiative and follow us on Instagram (staugustineprep) to track the contest and to see the wonderful projects this thoughtful club has produced through the years.