Freshman Experience

Christopher Haddad: Looking Back on the First Semester

Posted January 5th, 2016

As a freshman at Saint Augustine Preparatory School, I have gained many new life skills and discovered the true meaning of Brotherhood. At the same time, I have familiarized myself with the school and my fellow brothers throughout the first semester. Knowing that the first semester is finally coming to an end, I am reflecting on some of my past learning experiences, events and hardships that have occurred during the past several months.

At the start of the semester, I learned that you always need to plan your day and never waste time, because you will be overwhelmed with work the following day. One of the nice things about the Prep is that the teachers are always there to help me and are available in the morning and afternoon, at lunch, and during breaks.

Throughout the semester, I have developed an understanding of the Catholic Faith and how the Brotherhood is present both inside and outside of the school. A recent event that brought the Prep community together on campus was the tree-lighting. We gathered around the Christmas tree, blessed it, and lit it. After blessing the tree, we had hot chocolate and cookies.

One of the hardships that I experienced was realizing that in every subject, considerable effort is required to achieve a good grade. Thankfully, this semester has been a huge learning experience and hopefully all of my accomplishments will reflect positively on the next semester.