Freshman Experience

Immanuel Roach: Transitioning

Posted April 11th, 2019

My first semester at St. Augustine Prep was quite daunting. As a freshman, learning how to best manage my time throughout the school day was very challenging. Time management is essential all throughout high school. In our Unitas groups, which are spearheaded by faculty and staff members, we are taught time management and study skills. Open period is a time to meet with our teachers if we need extra help with anything. Another challenge coming into freshman year was meeting new people. Aside from meeting new friends in the classroom, St. Augustine Prep offers countless opportunities to interact with my peers. Whether it is through sport or extracurricular activities, being able to meet and bond with new friends are abundant.

Even though there are challenges when you enter St. Augustine Prep as a Freshman there is help at every turn. With time management skills I had learned, I now utilize my time much more efficiently throughout my days. I also spend more time studying now than I ever have in middle school which helps out immensely. In regards to meeting people, I try to be more open. Making the transition from middle school to high school can be difficult anywhere, but the support offered here at St. Augustine Prep makes it a lot easier.