Freshman Experience

Joe Colon: Anticipating My First Year at the Prep

Posted October 25th, 2016

I’ve been anticipating my first year at the Prep for longer than six months. However, the first week was very different than I expected. I was nervous and thought it would be a terrifying experience. I was afraid of juggling clubs, sports and homework because of my time management skills. I was also worried about losing free time and friends back home. These were some of the many things concerning me coming in on Monday. It was a bizarre mix of sheer excitement and terror. My image of tough teachers who made it very difficult faded after just a few hours. I realized the support and sacrifices the teachers make to keep us from drowning. When I found myself signing the Brotherhood book on the first day, I realized how close my future really is.

Meeting new people has been surprisingly easy. At first mention, the idea of Brotherhood seemed unattainable. Yet, everyone was extremely welcoming. Time management and organization have become fairly easy with the help of enrichment periods, breaks, and the daily planner. I look forward to wrestling season and the high school experience. I hope to make it to the state tournament in Atlantic City this coming season. The Prep has been an amazing experience; I look forward to a great four years.