Freshman Experience

Nick Galinus: Life Outside the Classroom

Posted January 16th, 2019

Athletics are a prominent part of life at St. Augustine Prep. As it is an all-boys school, we love to play our sports, and I am no exception. I have participated in cross country and track since third grade, and it seemed natural to continue running in high school. I was very nervous going to my first day of practice in mid-July. I was worried that I would be starting back at the bottom, and wouldn’t be accepted as a freshman.

As soon as I arrived, all of those worries went away and I became a part of something that will last forever, the St. Augustine Prep brotherhood. I had heard it referenced before at the open houses and school events, but I never understood what it really meant until that first day. The other members of the team made sure that I knew I was just as much a part of the team as any of them. The cross country team became my family! They were the ones that showed me how to find classrooms, answered any questions I had, and made the transition into high school a smooth one. Having relationships with other students, especially upperclassman, put me on the fast track to friendships and really allowed me to relax and enjoy my first few months.

Any athlete will learn that as you progress through the grades the competition level will increase. The transition from middle school to high school cross country was eye-opening at first. Practices are typically two hours long and take place in various weather conditions. My coaches always say that cross country is a varsity sport, and we are expected to perform at a varsity level. This does not mean that as a freshman you need to keep up with seniors, however, they expect us to put our all into every practice and meet. Indoor track season is just beginning, and with that comes another level of responsibility. In middle school, meets are typically on weekends and do not interfere with homework or studying. This is much different in high school, some meets are weekday nights, and time management is critical. The schedule here at St. Augustine Prep allocates free time, which if used properly, can make the homework load much more manageable. I can thank the nearly seamless transition from middle school to high school to the fact that I had participated in an extracurricular activity here at St. Augustine Prep.