Freshman Experience

Nick Vicente: Open Period, Teachers and Brotherhood

Posted January 5th, 2016

St. Augustine Prep is an awesome school. There are so many great things about this school, and one is the open period every Tuesday and Thursday. These open periods are an hour long break where you can do whatever you want. I recommend studying, doing homework, and seeing teachers.

Another positive thing about the Prep is the teachers. The teachers are awesome because they are so helpful. They will give you their undivided attention, so take advantage of their caring ways. They will help you as much as you need before or after school or in the open periods.

A final thing that is amazing about the Prep is the brotherhood. Not only should you rely on your teachers for help, but you should rely on your brothers as well. You can ask them for help as if they are additional teachers during your day. Your brothers will always be there for you. They will be your best friends, and they will always lend a hand. The Prep is a school that makes you want to get up every day and go to your home away from home.