Freshman Experience

Will Reynolds: Building Relationships

Posted May 1st, 2017

Since coming to the Prep, I have grown in many areas of my life, whether it be spiritually, socially, academically, etc. If I had to choose one area in which I have grown the most, I would have to say socially. Since coming to the Prep, I have built more relationships than I have in the past. One reason why I have grown socially is that the Prep is all about building relationships between you and your Hermit Brothers.

When I first came to the Prep, I was often quiet and reserved in class, but the idea of Brotherhood at the Prep has allowed me to grow socially. I began talking in class, which allowed me to make a lot more friends than I had before. Another reason I was able to “break out of my shell” socially, was because of Public Speaking class. In this class, I learned how to speak in front of other people without being extremely nervous. Before this class, whenever I spoke in front of a group of people, I was nervous– my palms would sweat, I would put my hands in my pocket, etc.. Now, whenever I go up in front of the class to give a speech, I am nowhere near as nervous as I use to be and can talk longer and more clearly. The Brotherhood at the Prep and Public Speaking class have allowed me to grow socially, and I am grateful.