Hermits Job Shadow Program

Hermits Job Shadow Program

The Hermits Job Shadow Program is one of the Prep’s signature experiential learning opportunities that seeks to bring current students into direct contact with successful Alumni in a variety of professional workplace environments. Now, under the umbrella of the Prep’s new Innovation and Experiential Learning Initiative, and in collaboration with the College Counseling and Student Services Department, we are proud to announce the return of the Hermits Job Shadow Program!  The Hermits Job Shadow Program pairs current Juniors with business professionals for a day in their workplace.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

The established shadow dates for this year’s program are March 13-17 and March 20-24. We invite you to consider one or more day(s) during those weeks. The number of days you host different students, as well as the number of students you are able to accommodate each day, is completely up to you.

Each business professional is expected to provide a meaningful experience for the student and introduce them to as much of their profession as possible. The length of time of the visit can vary, but we ask all visits run until at least 2 p.m. The Prep requests the volunteer business professional either stay with the student for the duration of the shadow experience or know who the student is with and where they are at all times. Volunteers will be asked to sign a code of conduct and waiver in advance of the visit.

Each student is expected to provide their own transportation and arrive at the designated address at a predetermined time to meet with you. Students will be required to dress appropriately for your work environment and act with the level of professionalism and respect becoming of a Hermit. Each student, or their parents, will complete a waiver in advance of their participation, understanding this is a voluntary program and they assume all the risk accordingly.

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No. For a variety of reasons we may not be able to accommodate every business professional who registers to host a student.

Following your registration submission, someone from the Office of Alumni Leadership will contact you with next steps.


More Information

For questions or more information on the Hermits Job Shadow program, please contact:

Mr. Brendan Towell
Associate Director of Admissions and Alumni Leadership

856-697-2600 Ext. 131