Education is one of the most important opportunities you will have to invest in your son's life.

As a parent, you realize this — it’s why choosing a high school is not a decision you’re taking lightly. With many options at hand, your priority is making the best choice for your child and ensuring he is set up for success in college and life. That’s ultimately what leads families to enroll at St. Augustine Prep School.

Consider this

High school is a time of incredible growth and change. St. Augustine offers a unique approach that focuses on character development, academic excellence, and spiritual growth. Here are a few of the ways we’re different:

Created for Boys

Research confirms that boys learn differently. You may have noticed that your son performs better with fewer distractions, consistent breaks in his schedule, and opportunities to be challenged or compete. Both our curriculum and learning environment take into account these universal characteristics of young men, enabling them to reach their potential in the classroom and out.

Designed for College-Bound Students

While it may seem surreal that your son is entering high school, the reality is, before you know it, he’ll be moving into his college dorm. We partner with students and families to prepare for this next step beginning in ninth grade. As a result, 98 percent of our students go on to college, and many enter top-tier universities. The Prep offers a thorough college advising program and challenging academics that prepare students for the rigors of higher education. From helping your son evaluate college options and scholarships to identifying career paths of interest, we partner with you through the entire process.

Life-Changing Experiences Included

Wondering what opportunities your child will have at The Prep that he may not have elsewhere? Experiential learning programs, like our Third Semester, send our students into immersive environments. Some study in major businesses like the Walt Disney Company, some travel internationally, and others complete intense academic research. Additionally, every Hermit completes 100 hours of service learning over their high school career. From job shadowing to community service, educational opportunities at the Prep extend far beyond the classroom.

Enriching Extracurricular Programs

Sports are a huge part of the Hermit culture. Whether playing on the field or cheering from the stands, there is no shortage of school spirit displayed among our students. Nearly 90 percent of students are involved with one of our 20 different sports programs, and some of our scholar-athletes have gone on to the major leagues. If your student is more into the arts, we offer numerous interest-based clubs with performance opportunities throughout the year.

A Focus on Relationships

Last but certainly not least, we focus on fostering positive relationships that enrich every student’s life. Our teachers, coaches, and advisors are more like mentors. And the Brotherhood of Hermits is something truly special. We believe you’ll discover that St. Augustine is a safe place for your son to grow, develop, and form lifelong bonds with a network of quality people.

Schedule a Tour to Learn More

There’s a lot at stake in this decision. And it’s normal to have questions. It would be our privilege to answer them on a campus tour. Visiting St. Augustine Prep School gives you the chance to meet our teachers, explore our facilities, and get a feel for the kind of experience your son would have here. We look forward to showing you around!

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