Prep Community Celebrates Annual Run for the Roses Gala

Prep Community Celebrates Annual Run for the Roses Gala

Augustinian Hospitality is a term often-used around Richland’s Proud and Peaceful Glen.  Those unfamiliar were introduced in grand fashion on a picturesque Saturday evening in conjunction with a time old tradition at the Prep – The Run for the Roses Gala.

Guests were treated to an elegant transformation of the Rodio Gym which housed an exciting array of baskets and items.  Through the collaborative hard work of the entire Prep family, the spirit of the evening stood at the forefront as proceeds were set to benefit current and future Hermits through the St. Augustine Fund and the Keep Them In Blazers program.  Attendees included Villanova University President, Fr. Peter Donahue, O.S.A., Prior Provincial of the Province of St. Thomas of Villanova, the Very Rev. Fr. Michael Di Gregorio, O.S.A., Prep board members and a bevy of Prep supporters who all enjoyed each other’s company in the spirit of their shared vision for the future of the Prep.

The colorful trimmings, the Kentucky Derby theme, and St. Augustine freshman trumpet player, Chris Vandenberg performing “First Call” to kick-off the actual race, all led up to the crown jewel of the entire evening.  The gala served as an opportunity for the Prep community to thank Fr. Reilly for six years of passionate, Augustinian leadership of the school.  The proceedings led off with Choral Director, Mr. Matthew Wolf and famed student a cappella group, The TestosterTones, treating Fr. Reilly to an emotional rendition of The Beatles’ “In My Life.  The performance was accompanied by a video slideshow chronicling some of Fr. Reilly’s most memorable moments during his time in Richland.

Following a thank you video including messages from amongst others, 2013 alumnus Mr. Matthew Piratzky as well as Prep board member and dear friend Mrs. Rose Davis – Fr. Reilly addressed the grateful crowd and thanked them for the warm reception as well as their continued support of his legacy through the Keep Them In Blazers program.  Fr. Reilly so graciously stated, “What the Prep does so well is to celebrate relationships, to not only influence the student for good but to give him a whole education.  Not only educate his mind, but engage him in faith-formation and character development.  The great hope that the Prep possesses is that it commissions students into the world to be change agents, in other words, living their lives through gospel values…I am taking so much from my experience here at the Prep, I have been given much more than I think I had given.”

Through Fr. Reilly’s words and the presence of so many ardent supporters of the mission of the school, the evening was a testament to the community’s dedication to the future of St. Augustine Prep!