Prep Talk

2017 Graduate Receives Ploch Memorial Scholarship

Posted July 6th, 2017

D.J. Briggs just couldn’t stay away from his alma mater.

The 2017 graduate was back on campus for a special reason, he was the recipient of the Aaron Ploch Memorial Swimming and Soccer Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded each year in loving memory of Aaron Charles Ploch. Aaron was a beloved and impressive young man who passed away suddenly in 1999 at the age of 10. As stated by the Run4Aaron foundation, “The Aaron Ploch Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to two deserving students from the Vineland area. Among other criteria, this award is based on the recipient’s sense of team spirit and positive attitude toward life and school.”

Overall, the scholarship was intended to immortalize Aaron Ploch’s passion for sports and most importantly his devotion to family and friends. D.J. Briggs’ four-years of leadership as an integral part of the Hermits Soccer defense corps. and his dedication to his Hermit brothers certainly proved his status for the award. Aaron’s brother, Ryan Ploch, was kind enough to personally hand D.J. the scholarship in a brief ceremony held in front of the Buondonno Forum.

Aaron’s spirit will continue to live on through D.J. Briggs and each recipient to follow!