Prep Talk

A Message for Students with Fujitsu TabletPC

Posted May 7th, 2013


Your Fujitsu TabletPC purchased through the Prep was bundled with a 3 year accidental damage protection, one incident per year for each of 3 years. If you have missing keyboard keys, broken latch for the screen, cracked case or other accidental damage, get it in the shop while you are on 3rd semester and don’t need it for classes. If you haven’t been doing your weekly backup of documents, make sure you do before sending it to the shop. Steps for getting warranty work done can be found here. Any related issues, email

For non-hardware related service you can see Mr. Garufi Sr. If you get a virus or the operating system becomes unstable, it can be reimaged and restored back to its original condition as delivered to you. Drop off the computer when you arrive on campus and it can be finished for you by lunch time. Backup your documents before dropping it off.