Prep Talk

Academic Excellence Indicated by SAT Averages of the Class of 2013

Posted March 8th, 2013


The word “preparatory” in the name St. Augustine Preparatory School refers to the preparation of students for the rigors of college academics. Two weeks ago, when the Dean of Academics, Mr. Kevin Burke, read aloud the names of those students who achieved academic honors in the first semester of the Academic Year 2012-2013 (see here), the success of the institution in preparing our students for one measure of college preparedness, the SAT, became apparent.

After identifying those students who achieved President’s and Dean’s honors for the first semester, Mr. Burke called forth from the senior class 47 students who scored either higher than 1250 (out of 1600) on the SATs or 28 or higher on the ACT. Those 47 students represent 28% of the senior class, nearly one third of the group. The overall average SAT score of the Class of 2013 is 1151. To put this number in to perspective, many area schools report the scores of the top portions of their test-takers. For comparison’s sake, the top 25% of St. Augustine Prep’s Class of 2013 averaged a 1298 on the SAT. The top 20% of the Class of 2013 averaged 1346, and the top 10% averaged 1398. The admittance of these students to top tier schools like Villanova University, Johns Hopkins, and the US Naval Academy as a result of these scores, was a collaborative effort of our Academics Office, Guidance Department, Faculty, and, of course, our students.

In comparison to years passed, the SAT scores of the Class of 2008 suggest an upward trend in standardized testing scores at St. Augustine Prep. This shift is likely due in part to the myriad of programs for improving SAT scores that are available at St. Augustine Prep (you can read about these programs here, herehere, and here).

Standardized testing scores are only one indicator of college preparedness and say nothing of the service-orientation and emphasis on community that our seniors exhibit on a regular basis. This particular achievement of the Class of 2013 validates an essential component of the Mission of St. Augustine Prep: “To achieve academic excellence with integrity (Truth),” but this group of young men is living all three phases of the Mission by “creating a compassionate Brotherhood of Christian Gentlemen (Unity), and seeing the face of God in others through loving service to our neighbors (Love).”

To the Class of 2013, we are proud of you.