Adam Williams ’21 latest Hermit to Earn Eagle Scout Rank

Senior Adam Williams is the latest Hermit to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. As with every Boy Scout who works towards this honor, he was tasked with planning, developing and leading a service project otherwise known as the Eagle Project. In recognizing the project’s spirit of leadership and commitment to the community, Adam decided to build two swing sets at the Gibbstown and Paulsboro locations of the Guardian Angels Regional School. By selecting the swing sets as his project, he saw it as a break from some of the common Eagle Project ideas of the past and would give him the opportunity to make an everlasting impact on the students of each school. Adam had to carefully prepare each location at both schools as these were not your average household swing sets. These units were commercial-grade and destined for public use so the soon-to-be Eagle Scout had to be meticulous with the installation of each set. It wasn’t far into the planning portion of the endeavor that Adam realized he had turned into a project manager responsible for generating funds, collecting necessary equipment, crisis management and general leadership. After putting in some old-fashioned elbow grease by clearing sod, digging … Continue reading Adam Williams ’21 latest Hermit to Earn Eagle Scout Rank