Prep Talk

Attention Students: IT Reminders

Posted January 25th, 2013


1)    You should be backing up your documents from your laptop to a flash drive and periodically to a CD for longer archiving. When a virus makes mush out of your operating system, you don’t want to lose all your documents!

2)    You are limited to a school printing budget of 20 pages per month, non-accumulating. All printing should be done at home. Your print budget allows for printing at school when your home printer may be temporarily out of operation.

3)    No student is authorized to use another student’s login credentials on school computers or other network related activities such as email.

4)    Got a school Fujitsu TabletPC? If it gets bit by a virus, see Mr. Garufi Sr to get the operating system reinstalled. The same is true if you have to put it in for warranty work and the hard drive gets refurburbished. Fujitsu will only install the operating system, not the Office Suite. Mr. Garufi will put Office back on.

5)    Log off school computers. You don’t want anyone doing something in your account that you will end up taking the hit for.

6)    All school computers have more than one Browser. If a web page does not work properly in IE, try Firefox or Chrome.

7)    BYOD – bring your own device (iPad Tablets, Android Tablets, Windows laptop, MAC laptop).  Help files for getting them on the network were emailed to you on 11/22/12, to your email. If you have a Windows8 laptop, see Mr. Garufi Sr for getting it on the network with the Drop-off form for Wifi assistance, bullet c

  1. Android Instructions: Android Tablets
  2. iPad Instructions: iPad Tablets
  3. Drop-off form: Drop-off form for WiFi assistance

8)    You are responsible to know the Computer Acceptable Use policy as stated in the Student Handbook.