Prep Talk

Caritas Project Featured in the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Annual Report

Posted January 24th, 2012


The Caritas Project completed by seniors Regan O’Connor and Mike Tedesco, which focused on adopted and foster care children, will be featured in the upcoming annual report of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Regan and Mike organized a number of educational and fundraising events for their Caritas Project last year, including a basketball tournament.  The senior students donated all of the proceeds from these events to the Dave Thomas Foundation.

On January 17, Shayna Daubert, a Senior Development Manager from the Dave Thomas Foundation contacted Regan and asked him for a quote to put into their annual report. The report will feature a highlight of the work that both Regan and Mike did to raise money for the foundation. When the report is released, it will include this quote from Regan O’Connor:

“We think it’s great that the word continues to get out about helping our cause. Michael and I are very thankful for the support that we’ve received from everyone. It would be awesome if even just one child was adopted because of what we did.”