Prep Talk

Class Convocations Focus on Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Posted November 18th, 2011


On Wednesday, November 16, the student body attended the second Class Convocations scheduled for the 2011- 2012 school year.  The theme was one of gratitude and thanksgiving.  Each assembly commenced with a prayer service centered on the wonderful gifts that God has bestowed on us all.  The Augustinian friars gave a short reflection on the gospel reading – freshmen by Fr. Reilly, sophomores by Fr. Curry, juniors by Fr. Horn and seniors by Fr. Hamaday.  Students in each class provided the reading of prayer and musical accompaniment.  Class news was also passed on by the class officers.  The inspirational talks were delivered by Mr. Newell to the freshmen, Mrs. McHugh to the sophomores, Mr. Spina to the juniors and Mr. Iaconelli to the seniors.  The speakers shared their own life experiences in a personal and moving way to encourage the boys to always keep alive their “attitude of gratitude.”  It was another meaningful experience at the Prep.

Photo Caption: Frehsman Grant Schoenfeldt on violin