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Class of 2021 celebrates commencement with school community

Posted May 23rd, 2021

Our Hermits joined students around the world in navigating a year marked by unprecedented adversity and unique challenges. When the class of 2021 began their freshman year at the Prep, they could have never anticipated a senior year that would conclude in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic, trading classrooms for Google Meets and carrying around protective desk shields around campus.

Continuing a rich tradition of leadership, this year’s Senior Class carried the torch setting the tone throughout an unconventional school year.  These resilient Hermits led a collaborative, school-wide effort that kept the entire Hermit Brotherhood learning on-campus and in-person for over 90% of the academic year.  In the process, the 148 Seniors that made up this year’s graduating class, were able to celebrate the culmination of their time at the Prep during a Baccalaureate and Commencement Ceremony four years in the making.

The Baccalaureate and Commencement Ceremony marks a significant milestone in the life of a young man as it commemorates the hard work they have completed in a pivotal phase of their life.  St. Augustine Prep, being a Catholic, Augustinian school, incorporates into this important event that distinguishes the school from others, our Catholic identity. As part of the ceremony, the students gather with friends, family, faculty, and staff to celebrate for the last time the Eucharist in the Mass.

A powerful and moving aspect of this Baccalaureate Mass are the members of the Hermit Brotherhood who participate in the planning, preparation, and celebration of this important liturgy. It is the Senior Class members of the Campus Ministry team who help to plan the Liturgy and participate in it as they function in the ministries of Lector, by Proclaiming the Word of God, and as Eucharistic Ministers in distributing the Body of Christ to the congregation at Communion time. The Hermit Brotherhood shares in the significance of the Liturgy by serving at the altar, guiding families to communion stations, serving as ministers of hospitality, helping to set up the worship space, singing in the choir, and providing musical accompaniment. The students are educated in the basics of Liturgy and the results are very evident especially in the Baccalaureate Mass.  This annual experience reflects the significance of the liturgical participation and education at St. Augustine Prep.

The academic year leads to this special day which is shared by the entire school community.  However, it is evident the moment always belongs to the graduating class.  This year, that class is the 59th group of Hermit graduates who are now equipped with the spiritual, physical, and mental fortitude to impact the world as agents of change. They are truly ready to “exit as men to serve” and have left a lasting legacy to serve as a bright example for their Hermit Brothers to follow.

Enjoy coverage of the momentous day through the links below:

Video of Baccalaureate Mass and Ceremony –

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The servant leadership and collaboration displayed by the Class of 2021 are just two of the many hallmarks of a St. Augustine Prep graduate, take the next step towards joining the Brotherhood and become an agent of change! Rurally situated away from major cities and contact points, St. Augustine Prep is the premier Catholic, Augustinian all-boys high school in southern New Jersey. Students at St. Augustine move between 50 classrooms and labs, spread over four separate buildings on a 118-acre campus. Consider a campus-style education for your son to be educated both regularly and safely. Visit today or email for more information!

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