Prep Talk

Class of 2022 Gifts NEW Amphitheater to Richland Campus

Posted April 28th, 2022


By Luke Grippo

Every year, the Seniors of St. Augustine Prep make a monetary donation to the School. In the past, this donation has gone to “Keep Them in Blazers” and towards scholarships for the incoming students. In the hopes of doing something more permanent and visible, Senior Tyler Ward spearheaded an effort to build a large, outside theater, which will be the result of generosity and hard work from the Class of 2022. He hopes that a project as big as this will inspire future senior classes to come up with their own senior projects, bringing the same level of devotion and love to the school as the class of 2022. 

The Senior class representatives pitched several ideas to Fr. Murray and the leadership team. The Executive Committee of Student Government agreed on the construction of a new amphitheater. It will allow for numerous activities: concerts, classes, lectures, meetings, and additional space for students to enjoy each other’s company. The amphitheater will be built by Fabbri Concrete, owned by graduate Danny Fabbri ‘85, and Neri’s Construction and Rentals, Inc., owned by the Neri family. With a generous donation from the Buono family and $22 donations from every senior, nearly the entire project has been funded.

Having considered many ideas, the St. Augustine Prep seniors believe that this new amphitheater will be a welcome addition to the Prep, offering students and teachers alike a new area to learn and teach. The Brotherhood Amphitheater, as the structure will be called, will feature a stage with a sun sail overhang, and seating for over a hundred students. The outdoor element is no coincidence to the class most impacted by mitigation efforts that demanded the school’s outdoor areas were maximized. 

With all the careful consideration and planning that went into bringing this idea to fruition, the Class of 2022 hopes that the future graduating classes will continue this tradition. It is Ward’s wish that the classes come to leave the Prep with the same honor and love for the school as his class did. Hopefully, the Prep will continue to expand and evolve with the help of the Senior classes. Ward, the orchestrator of this project, says, “It is my hope that the class of 2022 have inspired current and future students to give back to our community, dare to do the “impossible” and, strive to be great. Carpe Diem.”