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Class of 2022 Senior Reflection by Christopher Kazunas ’22

Posted June 8th, 2022

A Senior Reflection from the Class of 2022
By Christopher Kazunas ’22

“Good afternoon and welcome Brothers and Sisters!”. Most of us should recognize this phrase from our weekly mass celebrations. “Brothers and sisters.” Brothers. Think about what that phrase means to you right now. The memories. The people. The experience. Recall four years ago when we were escorted through the doors of Rodio gym, greeted by a thunderous crowd of students, faculty, and parents. None of us knew what we were signing up for. But we all made the decision to make that leap, to step through those doors and accept our blazers. We signed our names and imprinted our mark on this school eternally. We were inaugurated into the Brotherhood. As Freshmen, we had no idea what to expect. But within the first week of school, we got our first real taste of the Hermit community on Brotherhood Day. Whether we were on the turf playing handball or in Spina hurling dodge balls as hard as we could at each other, we came together as a class, we came together as a school. Everything changed our sophomore year. We were no longer the “fresh meat” on campus. Our coaches and teacher raised the bar. Often, we were seen in teacher’s classrooms during community time or staying late after practice to improve our skills. But that all changed March 13, 2020 when Fr. Murray sent us that one email that changed our trajectory at Prep forever. Although we lost the invaluable in person learning experience and our beloved sports, we persevered. Due to the outstanding hard work and leadership by the school’s administrative team, we were able to conceive a new platform for education online and carry out our mission for Truth, Unity, and Love.

class of 2022 senior reflectionIt had been nearly half a year since we had seen each other, and yet it took us about ten minutes to re-engage in our daily banter and playful dispositions. Junior year was far from a cake walk. Mandates and the possibility of a school shut down lingered over our heads the entire year. But as a class we discovered new ways to have fun such as weekly field days and competing in football and baseball games every lunch period. Despite our limitations, we not only bonded as a class, but learned how to overcome these obstacles and deal with adversity. It was a major relief for all of us to finally put on those khaki pants and school appropriate boat shoes. This was it, our last year at Prep. As Seniors, we had to be role models, the leaders who set the bar for the underclassman. We were the face of this school, the end product of a four year program designed to transform young boys into men to serve. As a class, we led the Richland Rowdies, we set the example for daily manners and dress code. We helped the incoming Freshmen and eighth grade class adjust to life at Prep. And most importantly, we supported each other as Brothers. Our perspective of each other had shifted over the last four years. We’ve gone through nearly everything together as a class, and we are better for it. We have achieved the ultimate goal this institution had set for us when we first put on that blazer and signed our names. We began our journey as boys, unsure of what the future had in store for us. As we graduate from St. Augustine Prep, not only as a class, a family, or friends, but as Brothers.

Christopher will be attending University of Georgia this fall.