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Class of 2022 Senior Reflection by Jack Foxx ’22

Posted June 14th, 2022

Class of 2022 Senior Reflection by Jack Foxx ’22
By Jack Foxx ’22

When we first entered these halls, we were confronted with the idea of “The Brotherhood”. Initially, this concept might have sounded fairly confusing to us. After all, how are a bunch of boys supposed to understand the tangibility of that type of kinship, especially in their first unfamiliar moments of high school? The consolidation of such a different group of kids, let alone getting them to consider one another as “brothers”, would seem (from an outsider’s view) to be incredibly difficult. However, those types of people would be underestimating our potential, as well as the potential of Truth, Unity, and Love to forge everlasting connections between us in the years to come. From Freshman year onward, St. Augustine Prep had enough faith in us to encourage and challenge us to rally around that idea of “Brotherhood”. Over time, we also found the faith and the strength to invest our lives and our futures into that concept. Over the years, we built friendships in the classroom, at games, and in the confines of our homes during the pandemic. The Prep has truly gifted us with a distinctive bond, one that brought us together from various backgrounds and walks of life. This bond has allowed us to not only grow personally through our time together but also emotionally and spiritually, making stronger and more intelligent men from the boys we were before.

Class of 2022 Senior ReflectionIn my last days at the Proud and Peaceful Glen, I can confidently say that the Spirit of the Brotherhood is real. Though it is time for us to go, the bond of that brotherhood will not break or diminish across distances, seas, or years. Through Truth, Unity, and Love, we will never fully leave this place nor will it ever fully leave us. We are united through our experiences at this school, and we are united through our shared identity as Augustinian gentlemen. The world is in dire need of men like us to demonstrate that example, and to share what we have learned with others as we depart from here today. It is up to us, the next generation of the Prep Brotherhood, to make the world a better place.

Jack will be attending American University this fall.