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Class of 2022 Senior Reflection by Ryder Fuscellaro ’22

Posted May 31st, 2022

A Senior Reflection from the Class of 2022
by Ryder Fuscellaro ’22

Over our first year, we would begin to understand that the Hermit Brotherhood manifests itself all over campus. Whether it was upperclassmen tutoring a younger student or the comradery of us attending a basketball or football game together, the brotherhood took away any feeling of loneliness. This truly makes attending school at Saint Augustine Prep different.

Our second and third years put us through a change that no one could’ve imagined. COVID-19 threatened our relationships and our bond. It prevented many of us from interacting with each other. The distance between our homes and federal and state mandates made seeing each other on a daily basis impossible. We were forced to learn from our bedrooms and kitchen tables. We were once again alone. In a time of so much stress, and anxiety we looked to our St Augustine for guidance. With creative teaching and innovative ideas from our administration and faculty, being a part of the brotherhood would remain a constant. All students were encouraged to reach out to teachers and each other to support one another during this trying time. Our lessons became more focused on reliance on each other and the importance of being able to look to a friend for support. Despite missing our third-semester trips to places such as Japan and Iceland during our sophomore year as well as our ability to support our athletics, our Junior year would give us hope. That year would once again give rise to the chants of the Richland Rowdies and we were reminded how to remain strong during tough times.

Ryder Fuscellaro ’22 with his brother Madden Fuscellaro ’25

Although the pandemic heavily affected our social interaction. We remember that no one person was treated any differently than another, as we all endured this together. The true effects of this affliction may not be seen for years. However, with the guidance of this School, the Class of 2022 was able to interact with each other every day, bringing us closer together than any class before us.


Ryder is from Wildwood Crest, NJ and will be attending North Carolina State University this fall.


senior reflection from the class of 2022