Prep Talk

Faculty Member Returns After Serving in Middle East

Posted September 4th, 2012


St. Augustine Prep faculty member Andrew Filipczak did not teach at the Prep in 2011-2012. After teaching at the Prep as a member of the Science Department in 2010-2011, Mr. Filipczak took a year-long hiatus to serve his country overseas.

Andrew Filipczak is a Coast Guard reservist. He enlisted in 2005 and rose to Petty Officer Second Class. From there, he went to Officer Candidate School.  He was promoted to Lieutenant in July 2011.  He is a qualified firefighter, incident command response member, security team member, security team leader, and a tactical action officer.

Mr. Filipczak is currently with Port Security Unit 305 in Virginia.  He was deployed to the Middle East with US Navy Maritime Security Squadron 4.  The squadron specializes in coastal port security and inland work. Mr. Filipczak’s job was Shoreside Security.  He served as the liaison to the U.S. Army for base security (Anti-Terror/Fore Protection Officer).  He was also in charge of the vessel boarding teams (Vetting Officer), security for dignitaries and visitors coming in/out of theater (Security Officer), and also worked with U.S. Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal in the desert.

Mr. Filipczak is excited to be back teaching at the Prep, and the entire community is proud to call him one of our own.

Thank you for your service, Lt. Filipczak!