Prep Talk

Graduate, Soldier Participates in Marine Corps Marathon

Posted October 29th, 2013


On Sunday, October 27,  Captain Frank Broomell, USMC Reserve (Class of 2005) ran the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC. The purpose of the marathon is to “honor the fallen, the fighting, and families” of those serving in the United States Marine Corps. There were numerous military personnel, both active and reserve, who ran in the marathon. Some ran across the finish line wheeling wounded warriors.

The race participants wore bibs to honor their fallen comrades. Captain Broomell wore his bib in honor of 1st Lt. Sal Corma, a Prep graduate who was killed in action in April 2010 by an IED. Corma is credited with saving his men by telling them to stand back as he attempted to clear the IED. Broomell’s bib also honored Captain Ryan Iannelli, a Kingsway graduate who was killed in Afghanistan while Broomell was on his tour of duty. Capt. Iannelli was a Marine pilot who died in September 2011. He also honored those who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in January 2012 which killed 6 Marines. His bib bore the words “Irontail06” because that was the call sign of their aircraft when it went down.

Capt. Broomell is the son of Mrs. Anna Broomell, who is the Administrative Assistant in the Athletic Department at St. Augustine Prep. She was with her son in Washington this weekend, and participated in the Marine Corp 10k on Sunday.