Prep Talk

Handbag Bingo for Cancer Project

Posted May 15th, 2012


Dear Prep Community,

Our names are Stephen Blake, Michael Carbonara, Paul Piccioni, and Adam Wisniewski. The Caritas Project that we have come up with is the “Handbag Bingo for Cancer.” Our group name is Hermits for Hope and the beneficiary of the project will be the Fox Chase Cancer Center. The reason that we chose Fox Chase Cancer Center is the care that they give for the patient and the way they treat the patient with the utmost care.

The other reason that we chose to have Fox Chase benefit from our event is because of the inspiration Mrs. Kathleen Rozanski has been to everybody in the group. She overcame breast cancer herself, and she truly sheds hope for anybody who has been affected by cancer. She started her own group called “Kathy’s Crusaders” and she does everything to give back to Fox Chase for the help they have given her. She is a great help for our project, and if you attend the event, meeting her will be a great opportunity for you.

Our event will be held on Saturday evening, June 16, at St. Michael the Archangel School in Clayton. The price of admission is $40. If you are interested in the event, please see the flier here. We thank you in anticipation of your support and we hope to see you on the night of our event.


Stephen Blake, Michael Carbonara, Paul Piccioni, and Adam Wisniewski