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Hermits Earn Global Seal Of BiLiteracy

Posted April 27th, 2022

The Global Seal of BiLiteracy is a credential that certifies through testing that an individual has a certain level of language proficiency in two or more languages. In the US, one of the languages must be English.

A Seal of BiLiteracy is a credential that provides documentation of language fluency and proficiency.. This seal celebrates language skills and empowers the awardees to be a valuable asset in our multilingual environments. It can also be used to provide competency-based or advanced language placement as well as provide an employer with a credential documenting language skills for hiring.

seal of biliteracy

The Global Seal of BiLiteracy credentials all qualifying language learners, whereas the State Seals are only available to students from a public school that has adopted the program.

We are pleased to announce that the following students have earned the following Global Seal of Bi-literacy credentials:

Functional Fluency:

Enzo S. Acosta ’22

Jack Fox ’22

Ryder A. Fuscellaro ’22

Gavin P. Kim ’22

Working Fluency:

Ayden J. Pulman ’22