Prep Talk

Hermits Senior Earns Eagle Scout Ranking

Posted October 8th, 2020

Article by Jack Kolesar ’21

While most teenagers spent the summer relaxing, working a job or two, or hanging out with friends, Prep senior Evan Donahue was hard at work earning his Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America program. Evan achieved this rank through a community service project in a local park with the help of other scouts and scouting leaders. He assisted in building a bridge over a wetland area that had been prone to flooding. Evan’s hard work and vision led to his project improving the accessibility of the park thus bringing joy to the residents of the community.

The building of a bridge is not the only achievement Evan obtained to get his Eagle Scout Rank. It takes many years of focus, service, and determination to reach this point. First, he must work his way through the ranks towards becoming a Life Scout, this usually takes between four to five years. After reaching this rank, it takes another six months to a year in order to reach the rank of Eagle Scout. This prestigious rank requires extensive service to the community and the completion of an impactful project – all of which must be completed before the scout turns 18. Additionally, a scout must earn 21 merit badges to reach the rank of Eagle Scout. Overall, a scout’s character must be exceptional, show a dedication to his troop and exhibit unmatched leadership skills. All these years of hard work lead scouts towards earning the honorable Eagle Scout rank of the Boy Scouts of America.

Evan’s Eagle Scout project focused on building a bridge in an overgrown park that had been prone to flooding. His project revolved around the restoration of a long-forgotten wetland park area. The resource scout created an entrance into the park and built a 9ft. x 4ft. footbridge to allow access to the main park area. The construction of the bridge required significant cleanup and removal of debris. He pulled the underbrush sitting at the bottom of both hills and added dirt to each side to prep the bridge to be fitted with footings. Ultimately, he and other Scouts built the bridge going across the flooding stream. The new bridge is now sustainable and will allow foot-traffic into the previously inaccessible ? acre wetland area of the park. Evan’s determination, hard work, and planning, the local park has become more accessible for everyone in the community.

The dedication and hard work displayed by Evan in his quest to achieve his Eagle Scout rank is something the entire Hermit Brotherhood is proud to celebrate. When asked about how the Prep has helped him achieve this rank, the newly-minted Eagle Scout stated “I’ve learned organizational skills which helped me coordinate deliveries of supplies and materials.” In recognition of the challenges and rigor the project entailed, he mentioned, “The challenge of my classes at the Prep helped me stay calm under pressure.”

Evan has lived the mission of the school as his efforts displayed the virtue of Caritas through service to his community. Congratulations, Evan!