Prep Talk

Lockers, Bus Passes, and Parking Spaces

Posted August 21st, 2012


From Tuesday, August 21, through Thursday, August 23, from 8 AM to 12:30 PM, students may get their locker assignment, bus pass, and parking permit. As of August 27 the school will be open until 3:00 PM. Locker assignments can be acquired by visiting Mrs. Auger in the Attendance Office located by Spina Gym in Augustinian Hall. Mrs. Carr, located in the Forum lobby, will hand out bus passes – which are paid in full or paid via the FACTS program. To purchase a parking space, students should see Mrs. Flamini in the Bursar’s Office located in the Forum next to the Campus Store. Students will then need to take their receipt to Mr. Rizzo in Athletics to be assigned a space. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Donna Auger at extension 102.