Prep Talk

Math Club Holds Annual “Pi Day” Celebration

Posted March 16th, 2012


A unique St. Augustine Prep tradition involves celebrating March 14 as “Pi Day.”  The date March 14, abbreviated 3/14, contains the first three digits of pi (3.14). On this day each year, students compete in the digits of pi contest, in which the winner is determined by reciting as many digits of pi as possible. This year’s winner, Devin Mulloy (Class of 2015), recalled over 166 digits to take the prize.

The day is highlighted by a pie eating contest which pits class against class and includes faculty representation as well. In order to begin the pie-eating portion of the race, however, each team member must complete a math problem. Only when the answer  has been determined, and approved as correct, may the competitor begin eating his pie. This year’s winner of the pie eating contest was the junior class (Class of 2013). Congratulations, juniors! You have one more year to defend your title.

Photo: Mark Patterson (Class of 2012), prepares to compete in the pie-eating contest during the annual “Pi Day” celebration.