Prep Talk

Mendel Award Bestowed Upon Barbara and Dennis Gomes

Posted May 17th, 2013


On Thursday, May 16, St. Augustine Preparatory School celebrated the philanthropic endeavors of Barbara Gomes and her husband, Dennis (posthumously), by naming them as the 2013 Gregor Mendel Award recipients.

“The evening couldn’t have been more perfect,” said St. Augustine Preparatory School president, Fr. Donald F. Reilly, O.S.A., D. Min., “you could feel the presence of Dennis as friends and family filled the room with love and appreciation for the couple’s life-long humanitarian efforts.”

The Mendel Award has been bestowed annually by the Prep since 1974 to honor the outstanding contributions made to the South Jersey community by one of its residents.  The award and medal are named for Gregor Johan Mendel (1822-1884), an Augustinian friar and renowned botanist.  His discoveries led him to become known as the Father of Genetics.

Mr. and Mrs. Gomes are being recognized, not only for their unselfish dedication to the education of the Christian Gentleman at St. Augustine, but also for their civic commitment to numerous educational, health, artistic, and religious charities throughout New Jersey and Nevada.

The evening began on St. Augustine’s campus as Prep parents and benefactors, Mr. Dennis DiFlorio and his wife Cathy, dedicated a Japanese red maple in honor of Mr. Gomes.

Photo Caption: St. Augustine Prep President, Fr. Donald F. Reilly, O.S.A., D. Min., is pictured with Gregor Mendel Award recipient Barbara Gomes and Mr. Steven Fabietti, Gregor Mendel Chairman.