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New Textbook Policy for 2013 – 2014

Posted April 9th, 2013


Rising Juniors and Rising Seniors – Textbook Planning for 2013 – 2014

St. Augustine Prep will continue to partner with Follet Books to offer used and new books for next year. The schedule will be very similar to this year. Please see below for buyback dates for this school year. The important dates for book purchasing during the summer are available too.

Follet Conducts On-Campus Buyback – May 22 and May 23

Booklist Available for Ordering (We will announce this via Prep Talk) – August 1

First Day of Classes for All Students – September 3

Rising Sophomores and Incoming Freshmen – New iPad Program for 2013 – 2014 

New technology in the classroom can be a great way to improve learning if it is used effectively. During the 2012-13 Academic Year, the faculty has been exploring the possibilities that iPads have to benefit our students inside and outside the classroom. Due to our discoveries and new educational research, St. Augustine Prep is making an exciting change for next year.

This change is made with educational and financial concerns in mind. The average cost of textbooks (used books being a part of the calculation) per student each year is approximately $425-450. The cost of textbooks continues to remain very high despite the futile promises of many textbook publishers. Many textbook companies promised schools that eBooks would be the solution to these high costs. EBooks provided minimal savings and eliminated the opportunity to sell the book back after using it. It was not until recently, when Apple partnered with some textbook companies that ebooks and iBooks’ costs have decreased greatly. Apple has been known for some time as an educational company. The iPad has more and more resources and tools available each day to help teachers and students. Next year, every freshman and sophomore at the Prep will be required to purchase an iPad instead of hardcopy textbooks.

Freshmen and sophomores will not use traditional textbooks next year. The faculty will be utilizing the resources available on the iPad. These resources cost much less than textbooks. For instance, a biology iBook for a science class might cost $15-25 instead of $220 for a real textbook. This saving over three years (four for freshmen) will offset the cost of the iPad.

What will the cost of this new technology be?

Each student will be required to purchase an iPad with Apple Care+. The Prep is recommending that the iPad has 32GB of Memory and WiFi only. You may purchase an iPad with different options, but it is important that it has the same capabilities as the iPad that we recommend. (Note – Apple sells the same iPad in 4G LTE and WiFi. While you can get this model, the 4G LTE service will be an additional charge monthly for you and is NOT necessary. The WiFi is all that is needed to connect to our network).

You can purchase the iPad from the school. The Prep will be bulk ordering iPads with 32GB of Memory, WiFi only and Apple Care+. The total cost will be $698 ($599 for the unit/ $99 for Apple Care+). Payment plans are available through our Business Office. You can have a payment added to your monthly FAFSA tuition payment. Hopefully, this option will help to offset the initial higher cost at the beginning of the school year.

Additional costs: Each course is allowed to require up to $40 on iPad resources (apps, iBooks, etc.).

This is a major change for our students and faculty. It is the right move to meet our students with the technology that they are accustomed to using. Our students and faculty will need to be taught how to effectively use this tool to improve learning in the classroom. A group of faculty members, the iPad Initiative group, will be giving training sessions to our faculty about what resources are available. We will also have training sessions for our students to help them understand the technology and their individual learning styles. The faculty and administration are very excited about this change and think it will continue to keep the Prep ahead of the curve in education. The Prep is constantly striving for excellence in all that we do.

More information will be available about purchasing the iPad through the school via Prep Talk.