Prep Talk

NJ State Police Conduct Safe Driving Symposium at the Prep

Posted October 2nd, 2012


On Thursday, September 27, representatives from the NJ State Police and the South Jersey Traffic Safety Alliance spoke to the Class of 2013 about the importance of safe driving. The senior class was broken into two groups and rotated between a discussion on safe driving and a field experience trial.

The discussion group was led by representatives of the SJTSA. Traffic Safety Specialists spoke to the young men about their own personal experiences with the risks of driving under the influence, driving with a group of friends, and other similar situations. The presentation was powerful and impactful.

After listening to the presentation, the senior students rotated groups, and took part in a field sobriety test that was intensified by the use of goggles which simulate the visual/attentive effects of alcohol. Students were also given the opportunity to drive a golf cart through a course while wearing the goggles.

Photo: Members of the Class of 2013 participate in a safe driving symposium conducted by the New Jersey State Police and the South Jersey Traffic Safety Alliance on September 27.