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Prep Graduate to Row for Cambridge in “The Boat Race”

Posted April 3rd, 2012


On April 1, 2012, the London Times ran a feature article on St. Augustine Prep alumnus Jack Lindeman (Class of 2007), who graduated from Princeton and is now a rower for the Cambridge University heavy weight eight. (You can read the article by clicking here.) Lindeman’s boat is the favorite to win the Saturday, April 7, 158th annual Xchanging Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford.

The London Times article on Lindeman draws a parallel between two significant points in his life: competing as a favorite in this weekend’s prestigious event, and being struck by lightning on the beach in Cape May when he was nineteen years old. Lindeman was taken to the hospital after he was struck, and while the staff were attending to him, the hospital building itself was also hit by lightning. Although the event appears to refute the old adage that lightning never strikes the same place twice, it seems that at St. Augustine Prep, the Lindeman lightning actually struck three times.

Jack is one of three Lindeman brothers who attended St. Augustine Prep. His brother Tommy (Class of 2010) followed his older brother’s footsteps and currently attends, and rows for, Princeton University. Youngest brother Steve (Class of 2011) is currently attending Temple and, not surprisingly, is a rower there as well.

In the world of competitive rowing, there is no larger international event than the annual Xchanging Boat Race. To compete as one of only 16 rowers in the event is a tremendous accomplishment.

Congratulations, Jack!

To read more about The Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford, please click here.

Photo caption: Jack Lindeman (Class of 2007).